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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the Registration Process?

A:  As a part of the state run program NHYFSC (New Hampshire Youth Football/Spirit Conference), there is a requirement to pre-register on-line prior to our local registrations.  The website is: www.nhyfsc.org/registration.  Scroll down and select the Nashua Crusaders Association.  Once you register, you will have the option to print the NHYFSC Folder Front and NHYFSC Folder Rear documents.  If you chose not to print them during pre-registration, you can download blank forms (available at our website www.nashuacrusaders.com) at any time and bring them completed to the local registration.
The second part of the process is to read all required NEC (Nashua Elks Crusaders) documents found on the website: www.nashuacrusaders.com (select the Handouts (Registration Forms) tab on the left side of the page).  You will need to print and complete the NHYFSC Medical Clearance Form (this form needs to be completed by the physician and signed during the current year), Documentation Acknowledgement Form and Medical Release Form and bring these to the local registration.  In addition, you will need a legible copy of the participant’s Birth Certificate and a copy of the current school year’s Final Report Card (Front and Back) once it becomes available.  Also available on this page are informational documents that include: Rules and Regulations, Parent Code of Conduct, Equipment Agreement, Fundraising Agreement or Scholarship Fundraising Agreement, and the Obligation Agreement.  
The final step of the process is to attend one of the registrations.  You will want to bring the (5) completed forms, birth certificate copy, and registration payment.  If you have missed the registrations, please contact the respective registrar to see if we are still accepting registrations and they can facilitate the registration for you.

Q:  What forms are needed for Registration?

A:  NHYFSC Folder Front and NHYFSC Folder Rear documents, NHYFSC Medical Clearance Form (printed from the NHYFSC website when you registered), Documentation Acknowledgement Form, and Medical Release Form.  You are responsible for reading and complying with the other documents captured by the Documentation Acknowledgement Form.  (See:  What is the Registration Process Answer for more information?)

Q:  What is the Time Commitment?

A:  Practice begins during the first week of August.  Prior to the start of school, there are approximately 10 hours of practice per week.  Once school begins, practice time is decreased to 6 hours a week.  It is important that your child be prompt for practices and games.  There is a lot to learn.  Please talk to us now if you think you may have vacation plans in August.  There are 8 games in the regular season, generally starting the last weekend in August, skipping Labor Day weekend and then seven more.  Games are on Sundays.  New Hampshire American Youth Football Conference determines the overall game schedule.  Game times are confirmed by Thursday night prior to Sunday’s games.  The players and spirit participants are generally required to be at the game field one hour prior to game time.  If a team makes the playoffs, there are additional games.

Q:  What is the cost of the NEC Spirit/Football Program?

A:  A NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee is required:  1st child = $160.00.  Each additional child = $80.00.  Flag Football = $100.00 In addition to this registration amount, there is a *deposit in the form of a post-dated check in the amount of $200.00 for tackle and spirit, $50.00 for flag football  per child for the equipment/uniform that is provided.  All checks should be made payable to “Nashua Elks Crusaders”.  Fees will be assessed for each returned check from our bank and your bank.  Payment will then be required in cash or money order only.

* The deposit is an equipment/uniform deposit.  All equipment and/or uniforms need to be returned prior to the award banquet.  Multiple return dates will be scheduled and all deposits checks will be refunded upon return of the equipment/uniforms.  Post-dated deposit checks will not be returned for any equipment/uniforms returned after the banquets.  Furthermore, participants will not be permitted to register if any equipment/uniform is still outstanding

You are responsible for returning the uniform in CLEAN AND REUSABLE condition at the end of the season.  A cleaning or replacement fee will be assessed if your return results in anything other than reasonable wear and tear.  For more information refer to the uniform policy found in the Equipment Agreement under Return Process and Financial Obligations.

Q:  Is there an Age Requirement?

A.  Yes
Spirit: Children Ages 5 to 14 (as of 7/31/14)
Football: Children Ages 6 to 14 (as of 12/31/14)
Flag Football: Children Ages 5 to 7 (as of 12/31/14)
Q:  Why is there Fundraising?

A:  Your registration fee pays for approximately 1/3 of the per player expenses for each season. In order to keep registration costs down and keep the program functioning, each family is required to participate in two mandatory fundraising activities, which will be determined.  A fundraising buyout will be available at the registration.

Q:  What is “Tagging”?

A:  Tagging is a fundraising event where each member (partial uniform worn) is assigned a specific location/establishment and a 1.5 hr. block of time during one of two weekends in August to represent the NEC organization.  This is a great opportunity for citizens of our community to become more familiar with our organization and an important means of fundraising for our organization.
Q:  Is there a Fundraising buy-out?

A:  Yes.  However, we sometimes offer a discounted fundraising buyout will be available at the registration only.

Q:  What is the process if I have a grievance during the season?

A:  The procedure is as follows during the season:

  1. Address the situation verbally or in writing with the Head Coach.
  2. If unresolved, address the situation verbally or in writing with the appropriate Coordinator.
  3. If unresolved, address the situation in writing to the Board.
  4. If unresolved, address the situation in writing to the New Hampshire Youth Football and Spirit Conference State Board.
  5. Anonymous grievances made directly to the New Hampshire Youth Football and Spirit Conference State Board or the NEC Board may or may not be addressed at the discretion of the NEC Board.

Any grievances outside of the season must be directed and submitted in writing to the Board of Directors.
Any Coach, Staff, or Board Member whom the grievance has been lodged, must abstain from discussions and voting concerning said grievance. With the exception of their hearing, they may discuss it at that time.

Q:  What are the NEC BOD positions, who are they currently assigned to, and how can I contact them?

A:  These members information can be found on the website under the Board of Directors tab.

Q.  If I registered on line do I still need to go in person to registration?

A.  Yes.  (See:  What is the Registration Process Answer for more information?)

Q.  If I can't remember my NHYFSC password from last year, how do I get a new one?

A.  Log on with your email address (assuming it is the same as last year) and the site will email you the password.

Q.  If I registered online last year, do I need to do it again this year?

A.  Yes.  If your child was registered for the previous season, please DO NOT create a new parental account or new player account. Use your family account email address and password as you did last seasonPlease do not create a new record in the database.  You already exist!

If you changed email addresses since last year and have not updated your record in the system, then send an email to with your child's full name, association registered with and new email address. We will update your account and notify you once the update has been made and you will be able to enter your account and register. If you have changed your email address, and do not have us update your account, the system will not know who you are and treat you as a new user which creates a duplicate record.

Q.  When does the season start?

A.  Practice starts the July 31, 2017.  The game schedule/location, which is decided at the NHYFSC level, often schedules the first game at the end of August or early September.  There are typically 4 home games and 4 away games during the regular season.  (See:  What is the Time Commitment Answer for more information).

Q.  When do we get equipment?

A.  Spirit Uniform Fittings are scheduled at the end of May/early June and the Football Equipment handout is scheduled at the end of June/early July.  An email will be sent out notifying you of the time/date/location.
Q.  Are there try-outs?

A.  No.  All coaches will work with the team and position them according to skill and effort.

Q.  What do we bring for the 1st day?

A.         1.  Any missing paper work must be turned in to the respective registrar.
            2a. Football: Shorts, T-Shirt, Cleats, Protective Cup, Helmet (The first week of practice is conditioning)
            2b. Cheer:  Shorts, T-Shirt, Sneakers
            3.  Plenty of WATER.

Q.  Where do we practice / what hours?

A.         Football:  Pennichuck Middle School Football Fields host practice for each division throughout the season for Flag, Tackle grades 3 – 6 and grade 7 & * will practice at Nashua High School South.
            Spirit:  Pennichuck Football Fields host practice for each division.  Eventually, it becomes dark too early to continue at this location.  At this time, we begin to move indoors and location/time is dependent on availability.  (See:  What is the Time Commitment Answer for more information).