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Minutes from the Meeting: Bylaw Proposals for the 1/2020 NEC Bylaw Meeting


Article V- Duties of the Board of Directors

A. All Board members are required to attend monthly Board meetings. Meetings shall be held in the fourth week of every month, on a day to be determined at the first board election/by law meeting. All board meetings will be open to the members for a portion of the meeting.

· Posted and open with 10-day advance request be put in writing by the parents.

Proposal submitted by Jenelle Dolan:

A. All board members are required to attend Board meetings. Meetings shall be held the fourth week of every month, on a day to be determined at the first board election/bylaw meeting. There will be an open board meeting held quarterly determined at the first board meeting of the year.

DECISION: All board meeting open or close posted to the website. If any parent request to meeting put in writing.

25 people voted yes.

Article V-Duties of the Board of Directors

F. Board Member Obligations

a. Practices—prior to the first game of the season, a minimum of 1/3 board members must be present and visible at the practice fields for both football and spirit. When spirit moves indoors, Spirit Coordinator ( or representative appointed by the coordinator) must be present and visible at all indoor practices.

b. Games—for home games and games hosted at home field, a minimum of 1/3 of the Board are to be present and visible for both football and spirit. The present Board member should include one member of the Executive Board with check writing privileges. Away games shall have at least 2 Board members present and visible.

c. Offsite Fundraising Events—a minimum of 1/3 of the Board shall be present and visible at all offsite fundraising, pep rally, and jamboree events and acting as a representative of the Boar, with the exception of tagging dates where the parental guardian is sufficient as long as a member of the executive Board is readily available in the event of an emergency.

d. The President shall determine which events as “all hands on deck” and will have the ultimate authority to assign Board coverage as needed to ensure adequate representation.

Proposal Submitted by Sara Brisk

-Remove letter A requiring 1/3 of the Board be at practices.

Proposal Submitted by Jenelle Dolan

a. Practices—prior to the first game of the season, a minimum of 2 board members must be present and visible at the practice fields for both football and spirit. When spirit moves indoors, Spirit Coordinator ( or representative appointed by the coordinator) must be present and visible at all indoor practices.

b. Games—for home games or games hosted at the home field, a minimum of 2 Board members are to be present and visible for both football and spirit. The present Board members should include one member of the Executive Board with check writing privileges. Away games shall have at least 2 Board members present and visible.

Proposal Submitted by John Hovey

a. Practices—a minimum of 1 Board member must be present and visible at the practice fields for both football and spirit. When a board member is not available for both practice locations, the board member for football coordinator has the authority to appoint a coach rostered designee to be present and visible at all practice locations.

DECISION: 26 people voted yes.

Article XIII Registration

Proposal Submitted by Sara Brisk

Add: Football athletes will be provided a uniform and equipment and Spirit athletes will be provided a game day jersey, which must be returned at the end of the season. In order to receive these items, a parent or guardian will need to fill out a credit card authorization form. This authorization will be kept on file and will grant NEC permission for the NEC Treasurer to charge the credit card if the items are not returned at the end of the season or damaged.

Spirit participants will be required to purchase a uniform and bow, which will be included in the registry fee. Every uniform will be sized with the appropriate vendor prior to the first week of practice. The Spirit Uniform Manager will coordinate dates for athletes to be sized. If an athlete fails to get sized prior to the first week of practice, they will not be able to participate in

the season. Due to the timeline that is necessary to receive uniforms prior to the first competition, late registrations will not be permitted. 23 people voted yes

C. Criteria for Scholarships

If the Board approves the request for the scholarship form and athlete, the family will be required to complete 10 hours of volunteer service in exchange for the scholarship. Activities may include but are not limited to field set up, tumble mat set up, concession stand and merchandise table coverage, and field duties. An agreement will be kept on file with a list of scheduled volunteer hours.

DECISION: Tabled until March’s meeting.

Article IX – Coaches (Football/Spirit)

Section 2: Duties of the Coaching Staff

A. Any participant that has 2 or more unexcused absences from practice in the same week shall only be allowed to participate in the MPR’s required by stat for the subsequent game for Football and may not participate in the halftime performance for Spirit. If a head coach feels that there are extenuating circumstances, they will need to attain appropriate coordinator (Football or Spirit) approval before allowing the player/cheerleader additional participation.

Proposal Submitted by John Hovey

F. Absenteeism and Tardiness

a. All players must report to their coaching staff by the designated time ready to go. This typically means getting to the field 5-10 minutes in advance to attend to equipment or other pre- practice and pre- game necessities.

b. Unless prior arrangements have been made with the head coach or football coordinator, any player arriving late for practice will be considered late (3 late arrivals = 1 unexcused absence). If a situation occurs (such as illness), a parent must contact the head coach or football coordinator within an hour before practice to advise them of the absence. NO ONE but the parent/guardian is allowed to call a child out of practice.

c. Arriving late for a game will count towards the 3 late arrivals = 1 excused absence. All players must be dressed and ready to go on the field 1 hour prior to the game.

d. Please allow additional travel time to areas unknown to you.

e. We realize that vacations are a huge part of the summer, but if your player misses these practices, he/she may be ineligible to participate in the 1st and/or

2nd game, depending on how many practice hours/days have been missed. All players are required to complete 20 hours of conditioning/practice prior to hitting.

f. Three (3) unexcused absences during the season could result in dismissal or suspension from the team.

g. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your child be there for proper warm-ups, drills, techniques, and safety procedures to help prevent any kind of unnecessary injuries.



Mandatory school activities

School sports

Family trips/gatherings

Medical appointments (please try schedule appointments on non-practice dates and times)


h. Practices are held Monday through Thursday at Pennichuk Middle School for the first 4 to 5 weeks or until school starts. (10 HOURS MAX)

i. Once school starts practices are in the same locations, Tuesday through Saturday (only 3 days per team) (6 HOURS MAX) Depending on the head coach’s decision and the field availability. All practices are approved by oversight of Football and Spirit Coordinator and needs approval to change.

DECISION: Coaches will email expectations and there will be a sign contract.

ARTICLE XVIII – Participation in Current Affiliation National Championships

B. Qualifying for a National Championships

a. In order for a Spirit Squad to advance to the current national affiliation championships they must compete and place 1st place with less than 4 said teams, 1st, or 2nd with 4-6 said teams, or 1st, 2nd, 3rd place with more than 7 said teams at Rgional championship.

Proposal Submitted by Jenelle Dolan and Sara Brisk:

a. In order for a Spirit Squad to advance to the current national affiliation championships, they must complete and place 1st place at Regional championship

DECISION: 5 Abstained.

The following is from Windham’s Bylaws:

Fundraising efforts for National teams may begin as early as the first day of the season. All funds raised from the start of the season will go into a separate “travel expense fund” set aside for the year these events take place and be shared amongst the qualifying teams. All fundraising events must be preapproved and under the direction of the fundraising director. Examples of events are but not limited to 50/50 raffles at the home games, partier game squares, yard sales, etc. If no team makes it to Nationals, the money will be set aside in a separate travel fund for the next year.


Individual fundraising efforts can begin after the game of the season for the player/cheerleader who think their team may advance to Nationals. This will be established by the fundraising director. All funds raised by an individual will be set aside for this player/cheerleader if his/her team advances to Nationals. If their team does not advance those funds will be added to the travel expense fund for the said season to be shared by the teams that do advance. If no teams advance the money will be places in a travel fund for next year.

DECISION: Tabled until the March meeting.






Attendees of the Meeting:


Debb Derusha Andy Boucher- Equipment Manager

Nicole Mcmahon Sara Brisk

Kevin McMahon Shannon Goulart- Spirit Coordinator

Deb Hovey Jenelle Dolan - President

John Hovey

Krystal Warshafsky

Derek Warshafsky

Samanina DeMichele

Tony Paladino

Jessica Desrochers

Jill Brinley

Michelle Marvin

Lisa Harrison

Ashleigh Harrison

Rebecca Patterson

Jimmy Rogers

Lisa Lemay- Fundraising Coordinator

Kenny Boucher- Vice President

Michelle Sayers- Treasurer

Christina Purington- Secretary

Jessica Agosto- Spirit Registrar

Heidi Mac Donald- Spirit Uniform

Wayne Purrington- Football Coordinator





Parent Board Meeting



Meeting was opened at 5:00 pm by our President, Jenelle

I. Welcome

a. Board Updates

· Jess declined the Uniform Equipment Manager. This position will need to be filled.

· President’s meeting

o Any changes need to be sent to the Coordinator by March 3rd

o Any changes to the Bylaws sent to Deb

o Any person doing choreography must have background check by July.

o NHYFC is changing the website. Forms will stay the same.

II. Minutes Review

a. Reviewed by Jenelle

b. Approved

III. Treasurer

a. Accountant is working on taxes

b. Registration fees will need to increase this year due to low operating funds

· Last year $8,000 was brought in and regular expenses were $ 10,000

IV Spirit

a. Coaches applications have been sent out. Asking for return by March 7th

b. Coaches Conduct document – we want to have in place by March 22nd

c. Coaches Interviews are set as of now for Monday March 30th from 6pm to 9pm

· We want to have a uniform questionnaire that we can use on all coaches to make sure they are interviewed fairly

d. Coaches Meeting will be May 19th 6 pm-8:30 pm

e. Coaches Clinic will be June 27th at SNHU

f. Spirit schedule:

· Summer: 1st day July 27th Tuesday-Thursday 6-8 pm Pennichuk

· School Year: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6-8:30 pm Elm Street/Fairgrounds

g. Tumbling: Shannon is coordinating with Showcase to set up a Crusaders night outside of the normal cheer schedule

h. Choreography: Shannon is working to get a professional choreographer from UNH. Choreography date is set for September 26th, time and place TBD

i. Uniforms

· Jerseys- $25.00

· Uniforms- Ordering new ones $75.00 threshold

· Bows- Jen Hall $15.00

· Spirit Tees- One tee for all teams

· Shoes- Fitting will be same day as uniform

V. Football

a. Coaches Interview will also be Monday March 30th. Applications were asked to be received by March 7th

b. Football Clinic

· Coach Knight July 7th – 13th Opening up to Senior $100 in town residents

· Coaches Clinic June 27th at SNHU head coaches will be required to attend


c. Football Schedule

· Equipment Handout will be July 12th. No athlete will receive anything unless all paperwork is turned including 2 copies of report card. All payment must be received

· Summer: 1st day July 27th Monday – Thursday

· School Year: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

VI. Fundraising

a. Two main fundraisers for the season

b. Mums did really well and should be one of the main two fundraisers

c. Tagging: Set up tagging location for the week before the 1st game 8/15 & 8/16?

d. Lots of possibilities for 2nd fundraiser Restaurant nights, Chunky’s tickets, scratch ticket basket, Altitude. Will finalize fundraiser at future meeting

VII. Registration

a. We have no other choice but to raise registration fee

· Cheer will be $200.00 plus uniform cost estimated at $75.00

· Football will be $175.00

· Flag will be $100.00

b. Cheer will have itemized breakdown

· Uniform- $75.00

· Bow- $15.00

· Game Jersey- $25.00

· Tee Shirt- $10.00

· Choreography- $20.00. The exception to this will be athletes 8 and under

c. Final registration costs will be determined by March 22nd meeting

VIII. Merchandise

a. Online Store- Merchandise only but no bulk orders

IX. Pep Rally

a. If we have a pep rally it will be 8/22

X. Conditioning Clinic-No clinic set

XI. Old Business- None

XII. New Business- No more new business was addressed at this meeting

Motion to adjourn was made my Wayne and seconded by Kenny

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 pm


Board Members in Attendance:






Michelle M

Michelle S









NEC Board Meeting- OPEN

March 29th, 2020

Meeting was opened to the parents at 4:00 pm via Zoom

I. Welcome

a. Presidents Meeting July 25th- Season is anticipated to start on July 27th as originally scheduled.

b. Board Updates-

i. Marketing Coordinator and Spirit Uniform positions are still open.

ii. If anyone is interested, please let Jenelle know.


II. Treasurer Report

a. Operating budget is $5245.00

b. Travel fund is $760.09


III. Registration

a. NEC anticipates to open registration April 1st.

b. Register first on the state site NHYSC.

c. Once registration paperwork is completed, we are looking to have parents scan the documents to the registrar.

d. Payments would be made online through an app such as Venmo. $25 deposit to hold participant’s place.

e. Monthly payments Due the 1st of May and June with the remaining balance and any paperwork due July 1st.


IV. Football Report

a. Coaches Interviews

i. John Hovey proposes that we continue to have them as planned online.

ii. Head Coaches interview/discussions. They will be sent an email.

b. Helmets

i. Flex $250

ii. Helmets sent out for reconditioning in November. Kenny will reach out to get status on completion.

c. Flag

i. To purchase 40 new belts and the flags to go with them will cost $212

ii. Wayne and Kenny anticipate needing extra flags for the season. Kenny will look into the ability to purchase extra flags.


V. Cheer Report

a. Coaches Interviews/discussions will also be handled online due to the social distancing orders. Head Coaches will be emailed.

b. Uniforms

i. The process of choosing/ordering uniforms has been halted by the pandemic although Shannon has actively been working to secure pricing.

ii. Currently she has found a company that can do the uniform for $75, but again with businesses closed details are still up in the air. Two fittings before season starts.

c. There is a Coordinators meeting scheduled in April and then possibly May 2nd. More information should be known after the meetings.


VI. Fundraising

a. The Mums were very successful last season, and we would like to do that fundraiser this season as well in September for 10 days.

b. Chunky’s tickets are a good possibility. The drawback to this is that the tickets are not useable for the weekend. However, it is any easy way to make money.

c. Pop up store fundraisers could be another possibility as the popcorn stores did well.

d. Ideas to attract attention for registration.

i. Flyers

ii. Yard signs- They should be arriving the first week of April.

iii. The Patch / Nashua Telegraph


VII. New Business- Nothing Proposed here


VIII. Old Business

a. John Hovey Player Conduct. Almost have a finalized draft.

b. Consequences for poor sportsmanship need to be established that will be fair and enforceable.

i. Video on conduct the participant would have to watch.

ii. Suspension from activity for a period determined by Board.

iii. Whatever steps we take must be clear and must fit the age group and offence.

c. Once consequences are decided upon the Board will make sure it is in writing.


Meeting was adjourned at 5pm










Michelle S.

Michelle M.



Becky P.



Lori Ann

Kayla Ann

Erin D.

John H.

Deb H.